WEPNP Products

The best technological solution is provided for real-time print on demand. The core ID2XML and Flex technology of Indesign to assemble and disassemble makes it the best editor.


WEPNP provides the best optimal solution.


CIPOD is the union between Corporate Identity and Print on Demand. The company aims to provide a workflow solution by combining the business content creative needs with print on demand needs. Specifically, the workflow solution is geared towards output production of corporation and business created cards, envelope, banners, notebooks, catalogues, etc.

CIPOD contains pages for users, company management, payment and transaction management, sales management for dealers, and print page for printing enterprises. Also, for super management and supervisor, pages for site management, code management, price management, user management, and order management are provided.

The sales dealer page is for the dealers who advertise for CIPOD workflow solution and their commission distribution. The following is CIPOD2012 operational announcement.

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