WEPNP Products

The best technological solution is provided for real-time print on demand. The core ID2XML and Flex technology of Indesign to assemble and disassemble makes it the best editor.


WEPNP provides the best optimal solution.



The current version was developed in 2010 to be compatible with current web browsers and is just as good, if not better, than other web based editors. It provides user friendly interface by focusing on design aspects and allowing data entry.

Classic Editor

[ Classic Editor ]

Primary Functions

  • type fonts, colors, style, spacing, horizontal scale
  • QRcode generator
  • image placement
  • geometrical placement
  • rotation, movement, delete
  • variale object processing
  • line adjustment : right justify, left justify, center justify
  • language and font support : Korean, English, Japanese


This has been an ambitious project to develop an all-in-one editor since 2011. The single editor can now produce multiple commodities. Also, when linked with shopping basket functions, the editor makes it possible for multiple purchases and constructing online shops.


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