WEPNP Products

The best technological solution is provided for real-time print on demand. The core ID2XML and Flex technology of Indesign to assemble and disassemble makes it the best editor.


WEPNP provides the best optimal solution.


Developed with Flex, UxEditor is a flash editor made to support on-demand editing. Also, the flash version allows users to edit files at anytime and anywhere with a web browser and without software installation.

UxEditor grants non-professional editors the capabilities to promptly create any desired content. Users can even produce print files by using complicated editing such as type-fonts, word spacing, line adjustment, and horizontal scale. The type-fonts support English, Japanese, Chinese, and most other languages.

Besides office products (envelopes and business cards), banners for outdoor-advertisement, stickers, brochures, and other various contents can be produced and published by a single tool, UxEditor.

Recently, a capability to auto-edit the backbone thickness of book covers have been added due to increased demands. The tool is also essential when developing t-shirts, coffee mugs, paper cups, etc.